Stern Pinball – The Comic Art Star Wars™ Pin™ is designed

The Comic Art Star Wars™ Pin™ is designed to provide quality family entertainment and bring pinball fun to every home,” said Gary Stern, president and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc. “The Pin™ is equipped with features that provide players with an irresistible gaming experience, including a selection of voices and images from the original The Star Wars™ trilogy, color-changing inserts custom-designed by the Death Star and a custom-designed interactive TIE fighter. The Star Pinball announced today the launch of The Star Wars™ Comic Art Pin™, a stylish, affordable and fun new pinball machine designed and built for home use. The Star Wars™ Comic Art Pin™ Flipper features the work of famous cartoonist Randy Martinez. The Easy Star Install Wars™ Comic Art Pin™ is reliable, durable and manufactured with the use of original stern components in commercial quality. The New Star Wars™ Comic Art Pin™ is based on the successful Star Wars™ Original Consumer Art Pin™ and glorifies the cult comic art of the Star Wars galaxy. The Star Wars™ Comic Art Pin™ immerses players in the dynamic Star Wars™ universe. In addition to a fascinating theme and an exciting gaming experience, the powerful Stern Pinball Electronics SPIKE™ allows you to create high-resolution graphics and innovative animation. SPIKE™ reduces system complexity and power consumption, resulting in increased reliability and easier maintenance. The playground is located in a stylish structure with dynamic high-resolution graphics. Randy has been creating drawings, caricatures, illustrations, paintings and 3D art for the Lucas movie since 1999. LED playground lighting provides optimal color reproduction and bright lighting effects. Randy has been illustrating for over 30 years and has received numerous awards for his his work.