Hugh Dellar – Roadmap is a new eight-level course for

Roadmap is a new eight-level course for adults that recognizes that every class is different, every student is unique. In this webinar, Hugh Dellar co-author of Roadmap, opens the series about the difficulty of starting a course with a new book. This makes it difficult to plan our courses according to the needs of our students, especially if the textbooks are difficult to adapt or not flexible enough. You will also learn to adapt your content throughout the year to the changing needs of your students. Roadmap is an eight-level adult course designed to respond directly to this challenge. You’ll learn how to increase student confidence and customize your learning materials, regardless of the size of your classroom groups. Each webinar is run by a co-author of the script and covers different aspects of the course. Using communication skills and practical tools, “he” or “she” will explore the Roadmap’s flexible two-way approach and show you how to adapt it to your students’ needs. On the first day you will find many new ideas and fun activities that you can use with the Roadmap course. Through a Roadmap lesson, Lindsay explains how we can show our students’ progress and celebrate their achievements. In this webinar, Lindsay Warwick explains how a student’s lack of self-confidence can have a negative impact on the student’s progress in the classroom. In this series of webinars we will show you how to successfully start a new course from Thursday 12 September. Andrew Walkley offers a different perspective on the flexibility of the script with many practical activities. You have ideas on how to plan ahead during the course. Damian Williams sees learning as a journey and explains how we can put our students on the right track by developing their receptive and productive skills. The sooner we can make our students feel comfortable using English, the sooner they will achieve their goals.