Welcome Back Slinky – Then we talked at length about

Then we talked at length about Google’s recent decision to close its own game development studio and what we think it means for the future of the service, and ended the show with an old-fashioned discussion about mobile gaming. In addition to this audio podcast, we’re also doing a video version of the same show, exclusive to Patreon, where you can watch us play the games we’re talking about. On this week’s episode of TouchArcade Show, we spent some time explaining in detail why we didn’t have a show last week. Mostly because some idiot hit his car in my living room. Fans can view the latest TouchArcade Show video episodes by clicking here. For anyone curious, you can check out our public Patreon posts to see previous episodes of the video podcast. Links to everything we’ve discussed can be found in the program notes below. Don’t forget to send us an email with your questions, comments, or any other relevant or irrelevant questions in [email protected]. If you like what you see, consider becoming a TouchArcade Patreon supporter. We all read them and love reading posts written entirely on emotion. Some XenForo features designed by Audentio Design. Designed by Audentio.