In-Game Currency – And in the case of prepaid loans such

Another reason why the currency in the game can make you spend too much is because it is called “transparency”, which is the easiest way to track your spending. The first reason is that buying a bunch of in-game currency maximally separates the pain from the pain of buying it. I mean the gold coins that are often used in video games as game money. Research on this topic has created a silent auction where people bid on cards to participate in popular sporting events. 3 But some people were told that they would have to pay in cash if their bid at the end was the highest, while others were told that they would have to pay by credit card. But credit card charges are less transparent, especially if there is no record keeping and the seller does not issue a receipt. Should you refrain from shopping in the game because of this harassment? No! Or at least it’s not necessary! Support and spend money on games that you think you deserve. And spend your money on gambling even less transparently. You should also think about purple diamonds, dollars, crystals, silver coins, shards or what the game calls fake money that you need to invest to buy something. After all, there are psychological traps in using fake money in games that can make you spend more than you want. You know the game: if you want to increase the attack speed or speed up the construction of barracks, you have to spend 100 gold coins. How much did 50 gold coins cost you? How much are the remaining coins worth? Who knows? Most of us don’t want to stop too long to share when it comes to that.