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The 1.4 update adds many new things to the Stardew Valley on iOS and PC, your memory is no longer supported until the 1.4 update appears on your phone. You can also register your PC in iOS and if you are not sure of the procedure to follow, read this, but remember that PC 1.4 to mobile 1.3 memories are not supported. If you have not yet installed Stardew Valley on iOS or Android, you can buy it on iOS here at App Store and for Android here at Google Play. If you transfer a backup of version 1.3 of your phone to version 1.4 of your PC, you will not be able to transfer it back to your phone until January 1. 4 clicks on your mobile phone. You have received several updates that correct and improve controls and provide new content. There are a few points to keep in mind for this update. ConcernedApe says that every aspect of the game content has been expanded or improved. Here is our discussion thread on the game for a deeper discussion. This update is free. We even present it as our game of the week. Read our review of the iOS version. I hope I can try it on iOS and Nintendo Switch.