Throughout February – In February we are offering a series

In February, we are offering a series of free webinars on how to plan and deliver interactive and engaging lessons using the ASPP into practice pairing students into group rooms, or tracking student progress online in real time. And in each training session, you’ll get clear ideas on how to put ASPP into practice, using examples from popular Pearson courses, platforms, and digital tools. You’ll also receive training on our innovative Pearson products and learn how to easily integrate them into ASPP. ESAP, which stands for Engage, Study, Activate and Practice, provides an easy-to-use framework for online learning. You’ll also get support from world-class teacher educators on how to teach interactive and engaging distance learning courses. This clearly outlines the stages of teaching and offers activities and procedures you can incorporate into all your lessons to keep students engaged and motivated as you learn English. The Pearson and BBC Director of Live Lessons is the recipient of the British Council’s ELTons 2020 Award for Innovation in Learning Resources. Looking for creative ways to enhance your online learning? We’ve got the solution for you Head of Product Marketing for Secondary School and Exam Preparation at Pearson. Please note: *Greenwich Mean Time = Universal Coordinated Time, click HERE to go to your time zone. For more information on the ASPP Council. The webinars are designed for high school teachers and adult education. We are very excited about this webinar offer.