| EP460 – Hello and welcome to another lesson to learn

Hello and welcome to another lesson to learn Spanish by listening to the Spanish Podcast. network. Today, to improve your Spanish, I’m going to explain a common Spanish expression: put the world first. We usually use the expression “put the world first” when we make a bold or difficult, somewhat difficult decision. Putting the world first is an expression of people’s courage and determination. I’ll tell you some short stories so you can hear the phrase “putting the world first” in context. Sometimes the phrase “putting on a show” is used to give someone advice. In the phrase “taking peace,” the word “to” is used to indicate that one thing is used to replace another. There was little work and a lot of hunger, so many people were forced to migrate to other countries to try to improve their lives. To make the world a mountain is to make decisions without regard to the opinions of others. Peace can also be used to refer to anything related to a very specific topic. In the phrase “making the world a mountain,” the word “peace” replaces the word “will rise.” The phrase means that everyone in the world loves chocolate. You put the world on edge when you make a decision without taking into account what others think. This expression means to be brave and not listen to what others think, but we also use it to give advice. What your friend means is that your grandfather had to make a difficult and courageous decision: to work in another country. Let’s practice our pronunciation with the phrase “giving birth by taking off.” How much does it cost to go around the world? The price can vary greatly depending on the country you visit, the mode of transportation you use, and the time you spend in each place.