Worrisome In-Game Offers – What if I say it could already

And systems that affect things like price and offer times, depending on the status of each player, such as what happens in the game, the preferences of players in gaming modes or even the number of virtual coins that players currently have in their name. Unfair game? Video games as an exploration and capitalization service: analysis of game patents from the point of view of consumer protection. They were particularly interested in patents related to consumer interaction and monetization programs, and after applying additional filters they found 13 patents on Activision, Kabam NetEase and Aftershock. We all know that advertising, promotions and sales can be made more successful, right? Companies pay attention to the offers that are best suited to any audience, so if they know you are a mother in the 1940s, they may have different approaches to selling the same product or service as if you were a young student. Playgrounds that should be especially effective for a particular person at a certain time of the game, not just for a whole group of people for a certain time. This doesn’t mean that the game they make or publish makes sense. Of course, the fact that companies have such patents doesn’t mean that they do. So they can collect data about players and use it to provide them with personalized calls and buy options. Given the scale of microtransactions and other ongoing acquisitions, these types of patents should at least be of some interest. They have thought about this and think they have enough understanding to apply for a patent.