Dungeon Crawler ‘ – That’s right it’s time to launch

That’s right, it’s time to launch Katopia: Rush. The game is now available for Android and a worldwide release for Android and iOS was announced on June 2. Last November, developer Supercolony launched a closed beta test on Android for its dungeon crawler Catopia: Rush, and after nearly 30,000 players participated in the test, they are now ready to move on to the next phase of game development. If you live in one of the 150+ launch zones, you can try Catopia: Rush on the Google Play Store here. In addition, ten different languages will be supported at launch: English, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. More languages will be released worldwide in June. Check out this new trailer made for the official launch to see Catopia: Rush in action for yourself. Since the closed beta test last fall, Supercolony has added a number of new elements to Catopia: Rush. To refresh your memory, Catopia: Rush is an action role-playing game designed from the ground up for mobile devices and specifically designed for one-handed top-down play. This includes new special moves for the five hero cats, special levels where players can get certain resources, a new scoring system with competitive leaderboards, and more. Control one of five different hero cats along with a team of three other allies and engage in MOBA-inspired battles. There’s a large selection of feline fighters, all with unique abilities, and you can combine different characters to try out different strategies against your enemies. For the rest, the worldwide launch is scheduled for June 2. Of course, there are also plenty of upgrades and collectibles that constantly help you achieve new goals. And, of course, you can find even more information and details on the Supercolony website. For those who just can’t get enough of Catopia’s beautiful universe, Supercolony has more than enough to offer.