Xbox One – Now that you are the city’s only source of food

Now that you are the city’s only source of food and are constantly threatened by the local mutant fauna, do what any self-respecting farmer would do: grow. Discover rusty farming tools, old garden tools and tomatoes with garden instructions to increase their vigour. Armed with your hoe, an irrigation bucket and a fully automatic weapon, you’ll need to grow Ultra GMO plants to feed the local town! and make a substantial profit. Marry someone in the city who shares your ideas and fights and works with you. You own the last farm in nature after the apocalypse, inherited from the will of your late grandfather, moments before the surrounding countryside evaporates into a nuclear explosion. Cultivate mutant crops and reap a rich harvest to sustain mankind and make a huge profit. Defend your land against the mutated parasites and bandits that invade your fields at night. Make friends with native animals to help you clean up the mess. Cultivate and marry the townsfolk to fight and cultivate at their side. Go through the toughest years to unlock the point multipliers and gain a place in the farmers’ rankings. Hire an entourage of pig, chicken and cow lovers to automate farming tasks. Collect improvements to increase incomes, profits and power. Turn your enemies into fertilizers to improve the quality of your crops. Spend your money in the city to improve your weapons and skills. Explore the vastness of the biomes to find useful remains of long gone farms. Growing atomic microbes is hard work, so you’ll need all the help you can get.