Pearson English Assessment – To learn more about these

To learn more about these assessment tools, visit the Pearson English Assessment page where you will find detailed information about each quiz you can give your students. Armed with the detailed information, you can customize your lesson plans to work on the skills your students need to practice, without wasting time repeating classes in areas they do not need. When working with your students, it is important to continually assess their progress so you can monitor them and adapt the curriculum to their needs. If this is the case, your students should receive a diploma that is recognized by universities and governments as proof of English proficiency. Students often need to prove their skills for professional, immigration, or educational reasons. Measuring student performance also allows you to focus on your education and make the most of the valuable time you spend with your students. The test measures real skills, such as using English to write news, read articles, and talk, but what grades are most appropriate to help adult students in their journey? At Pearson, we offer a range of assessment tools that can make the journey easier. Learning a language is a journey that changes lives, and as a language teacher you are in a unique position to take this journey with your students. The Versant Test is another way to check your language level and measure your progress. The Pearson English Language Test can be completed in just 30 minutes and will give you an immediate result. Students who work at a level that is too easy for them will quickly get bored. Taking the test also motivates students even more and gives them the opportunity to achieve their goals. All four skills are tested, but the final test is to assess the candidate’s ability to communicate in English, not “his” knowledge of test strategies. Students often begin to learn English for a specific purpose. Others want to go abroad, study in an English-speaking institution or for immigration purposes, and live longer in the country where English is the primary language.