SEO Search Engine – Greg Gifford Vice President of

Greg Gifford, Vice President of Research at Wikimotive, spoke about business and the future of SEO. Then, in 2015, we discovered that the results of the ranking research were based on the entity’s measurements. What should we focus on? It’s time to learn more about companies and their impact on our SEO strategies. Real-world entities and their relationships have begun to be ranking signals. When you think about the future of search, you must remember that Google is getting smarter and smarter. Therefore, it’s time to focus more on entities and their impact on our SEO. Build your entity and see how it is connected to other entities. Optimization should not focus on one side, but on all entities and how their relationships can improve their success. It is worth remembering that each site is made up of many units. It was as early as 2012 when Google switched to Entity Search. In fact, according to Greg Gifford, entities are the most important concept in SEO. Links will probably still play a role, but they will be less important because Google is more able to better understand the entities’ signals. SEO will be less about writing content with the right keywords than about having the best response based on the intent of the search. Google considers an entity as something or conceptunique well defined and distinguishable. A year later, Google began to focus on semantics to make its classification algorithm smarter. Our content simply consists of entities and their relationships.