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Olli and Ai understand that many people learn Japan Open Program not only teaches grammar and vocabulary, it also brings students closer to life in Tokyo. By offering cultural classes, the Japanese Decovered program not only provides students with additional opportunities to practice the language, but also helps them improve their real-life skills. The cultural focus does differentiate Japanese from other online language programs, which are often more oriented towards vocabulary and grammar skills. After reading a chapter in Japanese history, work with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and culture before registering for the job report. While Ollie guides students through grammar and vocabulary, Ai gives an overview of Japanese pronunciation, word use and culture. The Japanese Uncovered project aims to make Japanese language learning fun and bring students closer to authentic and real content created by native speakers. Each division of the Japanese company Uncovered is based on a chapter of history that follows Chloe and Alex, two students who go to Tokyo to visit their Japanese friend Tadashi. Join the two experienced teachers, Olli and Ai, who will guide you through reading, writing, listening and speaking in Japanese and give you an insight into Japanese culture. The Japanese Without Coverage program is based on an innovative methodology that uses immersion to help students understand words and concepts naturally. It is designed to give newcomers the opportunity to immerse themselves in reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and at the same time listening to Japanese. Because Open Japanese is an open language program developed by experienced teachers, progress makes sense and offers realistic learning goals. The Japanese school Uncovered solves this problem by organizing your curriculum into easy-to-understand classes, each of which consists of six classes.