Spring Days – What are some classroom activities related to

What are some classroom activities related to well-being? You can ask students to keep a journal of their social media and airtime use and talk about how they feel about it. They presented a webinar during Spring Days 2021 on communication skills, mindfulness and wellness, and how to encourage interaction in the classroom. Interaction helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses in communication and encourages them to use all of their language resources to negotiate meaning. You can create a culture of interaction in your classroom that is about the students themselves, what they do and how they feel. Another way to encourage student interaction is to make sure that the assignment contains some gap, such as missing information or information that students need to discover from each other. Learning with Learning Opportunities was another popular part of the spring sessions with sessions on online assessment and the challenges of teaching during a pandemic. There were sessions on using the ESAP system and online assessment of young students’ skills, as well as a general session on tips and tricks for blended learning. The webinar details all of the above activities and offers ideas on how teachers can improve their own focus in the classroom. It presents a misunderstanding and encourages students to discuss what’s wrong and how to fix it. The Spring Europe 2021 webinar series focused on many of the problems teachers have faced in the past year. Ken Beatty, the plenary speaker, provided an overview of the past year in online learning, and a panel discussion focused on blended learning. Here are three practical ideas on how to provide our students with many opportunities for online interaction. Together, they developed a CertPT course designed for practicing teachers who want to delve into educational theory and improve their practical teaching skills. Chia is passionate about the interaction between culture, language, and thought, and is a cross-cultural skills teacher and materials developer. She currently lives in York. The converse is also true: poor learning and experience can have a negative impact on well-being.