Flashback – Nintendo – It may seem simple but the devil is

It may seem simple, but the devil is in the details, from the game’s graphics, sounds, music, controls, to the easy to learn but hard to master premise, you’ll have a hard time finding fault with Hurricane if you’re not into the run-and-gun genre. Remember how we said these games were incredibly difficult? There’s also a “Rewind feature that allows the player to rewind part of the game to learn the pattern and overcome the challenge through trial and error. New controls are welcome and make the game accessible, even if you’ve never played Turricane before. So if you’ve ever played a Turricane title, whether on the C64, Amiga, Mega Drive or SNES, you know what it is and what you get. Aside from this minor flaw, the content of Turrikan Flashback will satisfy or even disappoint you if you’re not used to an extremely high level of difficulty. Best of all, you’ll enjoy the fantastic graphics and brilliant music by Chris Huelsbeck on the Amiga, which took this racing game to an extremely addictive level. Disclosure: Turrican Flashback [Nintendo Switch eShop code] was kindly provided by PR Hound for this review. We fondly remember the Manifred Trenz game Turrican on our Commodore 64, and then its sequel, Turrican II, on the Amiga. Oh yes, we also remember the difficulty level: it was quite unusual, sometimes even brutal, but that only made it more appealing. Oh yes, it also features Chris Huelsbeck’s iconic scores, carefully programmed to provide the highest quality reproduction of the original audio on the various sound chips that Chris has perfected. All four games are familiar, but each offers enough unique gameplay to keep you exploring for a long time. And for those who want to return to the adventure later, there are save states to pick up where you left off, a feature you’re sure to love. These are great features, as all four games stay true to their originals, but we’d love to see the rest of the games in the series included in this compilation.