Your Mouth – Try to keep this girl safe and at the same

Try to keep this girl safe and at the same time try to clarify some important points so as not to let something disturbing get too close and end up in a nightmare scenario. ENTITY puts you in touch with these terrifying creatures, and all you can do is chase away, wave after wave, these mysterious and dangerous creatures. Julia has already worked for and MashThoseButtons, covering everything beautiful, scary, tactical, silly and surreal. The longer “she” survives each new wave, the more points “she” earns. The only weapons you have are the items in the room. If you can’t go any further, luckily there’s a book on monsters that gives you some tips on how to get rid of these tough guys. Your task will be to defend a young girl suffering from sleep paralysis. And try not to think too much about this game when you’re done playing and ready to go to bed at night. The monsters will come in waves, and the difficulty will increase with each wave. You may want to sleep with your mouth protected by the pillow. You’ll have to think fast when faced with some of the toughest monsters. Sleep paralysis is frightening for those who suffer from it. You’re in a purgatory of waking up, mentally but not physically. You can see things, but you can’t interact with them, let alone defend yourself from them. Some can fight with the keyboard and mouse, but others will not be easily defeated.