Get Festive – Raise your hand who else is playing Mario

Raise your hand, who else is playing Mario Kart Tour on your smartphone? If the answer is no, it might be time to play the mobile version of the world’s first kart racing series, as the Rosaline Tour is now live. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe should be compatible with additional content, even if it is released as a Wii U game. Nintendo said you can expect “starry skies and icy planets” from Rosaline’s Tour, so you can get into the holiday spirit in time. Of course, we all know and love Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, which can now be played on the Switch from the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection if you miss the beginning of the character series on the Wii. If there’s a perfect Nintendo game for “playing as a service,” it’s Mario Kart. Wasn’t the last tour more festive? Maybe Rosalina should have gone first. Ultimate Smash Bros. – is a Wii U game that still has content. I love the content, but I hate that the game has everything. Check out the new trailer above for a better overview of this latest event, which will replace the previous Winter Tour. Darren, the Batman of Nintendo Life, is not afraid of danger, he loves gadgets, and he speaks in a very, very deep voice. Especially because there’s so much content in this game. As a stage director, he often sits backstage in a room that he insists on calling “Batcave.” I don’t see enough interest in “real” games on my Switch, let alone my trusty 2DS. 2020 Nlife Media, Gamer Network partner.