Card Fighters Clash – Mental imagery can be fun but if

Mental imagery can be fun, but if you’ve always thought of card games that contain a collection of illegal criminals smoking cigars in the back room of a shitty club, then Card Fighters’ Clash’s bright, neon-lit world will drive your imagination crazy. Basically, your character enters the world of card warriors, collecting multiple cards, playing mini-games and fighting other players with a character game from the SNK and Capcom games. But after a few battles, you start recording the game and are determined to collect more powerful cards to build a game that can support the toughest card fighters. There’s still a terrible Villa Resident Evil in SC Park, full of beautiful zombies, hidden extra maps and damaging Card Fighter opponents. The role-playing game includes visits to many worlds such as Capcom Plaza, Neo Geo Land and Lost World, with a stupid spectacle of roaring dinosaurs when you press a button. Card Fighters’ Clash is one of those rare titles that seems to come out of nowhere, but that surprises with a cool, fun and incredibly addictive game.