Rocket Arena Is – Fill your inner hero with “Mythical

Fill your inner hero with “Mythical Edition”! The mythical edition contains: Fenix Guardian Jayto Fantasy Ice Princess Kaya Fantasy Cyber Sailor Onion Fantasy Temple Fantasy Stone Isell Pulsating Fragment Megablast Returning Trail 1000 Rocket Heroes Explore a growing list of fantastic heroes, each with their own personality, background and rivalry. During the game you will also unlock powerful artifacts: mix, match and align them to give your heroes impressive new levels and effects! You’ll need all the skills you need to master the Rocket Championship Tour. Master your hero’s missiles and unique skills to take control of the arena and become a champion! Adjust your strategy with a growing list of different heroes with different abilities. Missiles control everything in the Rocket Arena, a 3v3 explosive shooter that will never let you down. Discover new strategies and tactics based on your team, explore different dynamic maps and discover the true depth of the Rocket Arena game. Learn to determine the time of evasive manoeuvres, orient your targets and use well-matched items and gadgets such as Rocket Magnet, Sniper and Speed Booster to change the course of battle. Each game you play with them brings you the experience of unlocking rocket units, totem units and spectacular costumes that allow you to customize your appearance. Death Gesture Never say “die” because you can’t get to the Rocket Arena! If you get too many hits, you will be thrown from the arena, but not out of action. There’s a whole world of possibilities, so take your missiles and get out! Develop your heroes The sky is the limit for your heroes.