Support Pearson – The British Council ELTons Innovation

The British Council ELTons Innovation Awards will be awarded within one week! These awards highlight the most innovative ways to learn and teach English around the world. They glorify the teams behind these ideas and bring additional recognition to the industry. There is also a private public group, Live Class, on Facebook, where students and teachers can stay in touch after class and enjoy excellent teaching resources. On Thursday 15th October, the British Council will broadcast the awards ceremony live on its TeachingEnglish website, YouTube channel and Facebook page from 15:00 to 16:30 UK time. Pearson and the BBC Live Classes is an online project for high school teachers and students that combines online classroom and authentic resources. Discover Pearson and the BBC Live Classes live, as well as the ELTON meeting in this video with coach Michael Brand. By creating an international classroom, these “live lessons” turn the English language of a school subject into a global communication skill. With Starfish, students discover other cultures, study children’s literature, develop sensitivity, initiative, imagination and creativity, while acquiring social and emotional life skills. This year we were named among 125 works in three categories, including “Innovation in Student Resource,” “Innovation in Teaching Resource,” and “Local Innovation. To meet the challenges of 2020, the British Council is moving the awards ceremony online for the first time. It also means that teachers and educational institutions can minimize their efforts to find the right content and textbooks, and now even check the level of texts to be used in the classroom, giving them more time to communicate with students. The link to the event can be found the same day on the Livestream page of the ELTons Innovation Awards 2020 award ceremony. Jane Forrest is Pearson’s Global Marketing Director for English Language Training. Most importantly, it brings groups of students from around the world together in a unique, lively and interactive learning environment. She holds a diploma in English, a master’s degree in online and distance learning, and is based in London, UK. As part of “her” marketing role, “she” is particularly interested in creating new ways for professionals and experts to collaborate and share knowledge in order to achieve great results in language learning.