Learn Japanese – In this way of listening one must pay

In this way of listening, one must pay attention to the words that describe the actions of the two women and their order. Good morning everyone! In this series, Learn Japanese presents daily N3 exam learn to hear better and achieve better results in the N3 hearing range. Since the question refers to the next action of the two women, you should pay attention to the words that describe the present. After listening and selecting the answer, you can read the translation and the instructions below for reference. In addition, you can apply the way you do this hearing test to similar types of exercises. Hey, why don’t you come over to my house to see it now? Because I want to take another look at it. Other similar N3 listening exercises can be found in the category: JLPT N3 Listening Exercises. Woman 2: Is that so? It is better to see the first part before the second. Above is the content of Lesson 11 of the N3 Listening Exercise, which I hope can be improved effectively. And you should also concentrate on the keywords instead of trying to listen to all the phrases and then miss the important words. Mrs. 2: Oh, I really want to see this movie. Woman 1: Is it okay? So let’s see next week.