Search Engine Watch – Exact match domains are domain names

Exact match domains are domain names with exact keywords that you try to put in the Google SERP. Considering the development of SEO in the last 20 years, an exact matching domain was originally a safe way to reach the top of Google. Even ten years ago, many search engine optimization experts bought an exact matching domain, added content and obtained directory links, which was enough to get a place on the front page. If your homepage probably has more links pointing to it in the first place, it will be difficult to get a ranking of other landing pages for the exact matching keyword. However, using Exact Match domains will largely be like walking on thin ice and can make you very vulnerable to Google penalties. However, if we look at the keyword “casino bonuses”, about seven or eight sites on the first page have the word “casino” in their domain name, underlining the importance of investigating each industry. There are ways to avoid this problem, such as using a wide variety of anchor texts, but it’s hard to find the balance, and it only takes one link to be shared by you to make it look like you’re running a campaign with exactly the same anchor text. With long domains like and – Google responded with an EMD update in 2012 to punish and filter them. No matter which anchor text you use, you run the risk of using too much exactly fitting anchor text, and this is an easy way to get fined. You need to be careful if you have a large SEO strategy that depends on optimizing an exactly fitting domain, because this can mean initial growth, but also a high risk in the punishment department. With this approach you can create natural web pages without the risk of assigning keywords and there is no risk that the anchor text will cause penalties through links to the brand. A good example is the price comparison site, Forces Compare, which benefits from a “comparison” in its field and therefore gets a boost for every product it compares, be it maps, bills, credits or anything else.