Remake | Retronauts – Re-Shell is bad in every way and the

Re-Shell is bad in every way, and the fact that it’s a remake of the glorious Turtles in Time masterpiece is the reason for the electric chair for me. It’s uglier, slapdash trash based on the lower arcade version of the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game ever. Fucking birthday for Ubisoft’s pathetic excuse for a remake, Turtles in Time: Peeling. None of the main enemies – a series of multicolored infantry – only needs a few strokes to eliminate them, and the turtle’s movements can destroy them all at once. This is one of the few games that enrages me, and it is true that it is regrettable, along with those who, like Rocket Knight, said that they lost time due to their occasional absence. Well, they are really turtles on time: bald. But I do not like timed turtles: peeled. Although at least Rocket Knight is just a bad Rocket Knight game rather than a bad game, point. I know it’s a very negative start to work, but my dislike for this game is on the verge of what’s funny in all its implications. The original SNES game is worth discussing, and I’ll use every excuse to do so. It’s still so beautiful today, a beautiful platonic video game, ideally licensed, where everyone looks as they should, but with a bit of anime style. Turtles on time. I love all the video games.