New Horizons Has – The sales of Breat of the Wild compared

The sales of Breat of the Wild compared to other Zelda games show that Nintendo fans are demanding more challenging games such as Metroid Prime 4. In another comparison, we never thought it was possible, this impressive sales figure also means that the game has sold more copies than all Metroid franchise games combined. Here’s a small word, Nintendo, I’m not an informant, but I’m sure you need to make games for Metroid to sell them? It’s just an idea. Nintendo has also released Metroid games for smaller scale or more everyday consoles such as Gamecube and Wii. It’s hard to believe the statistics, but the estimated sales of all Metroid games are now 18.23 million worldwide. As a community, we often blame Nintendo for letting its lesser-known franchises die, but Metroid has gained a lot of love over the years due to relatively low sales. We don’t want to cause any more excitement, we want Metroid as much as the next Space Pirate, but here are some other games that sell better than the whole series. Buying games when we had Super Metroid, Prime 1 and 2 was much harder. With that total, it was the second best-selling game on Switch, although it was only available for a few months and surpassed games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros. Metroid is not exactly a franchise for everyone, but I bet it will sell better on Switch than other systems. To start with, Nintendo might not want to release the games in the series this late. When games like Dark Souls are also gaining in popularity, it shows players how you can play a challenging and difficult game without holding hands.