Amazon PPC Management – So how do you know which keyword

So how do you know which keyword your potential customers use in the Amazonsearch box to find your product? Answer: Use effective keyword tools. This will help you find what researchers are looking for, and identify the corresponding long-tail keywords they use in the Amazon. In this case, the implementation of this strategy not only minimizes the number of irrelevant clicks, but also increases the return on investment by increasing the positive CTR and attracting more potential customers to your platform, as keywords are largely consistent with the researcher’s intentions. Can you find out which keywords Amazon researchers use on Google Keyword Planner? The answer is yes. So if you add keywords such as “Best Air Conditioner Repairs”, “WindowRepair Service”, “Home Conditioner Repair” and other similar terms, your ad will be more likely to be seen by your audience. The keyword entry tool presents the Amazon keywords in the same order as the Amazon autofill function. As an Amazon marketer with a limited results-based budget, the keyword tool is a great tool for collaboration. First, create eight to ten keywords for your ad, then go to Google and start searching one by one. While negative words help you notify Adwords of the publication of ads, it is important to know how to correctly identify the negative keywords you want to add to the list. With a lot of traffic, Amazon is definitely a safe place to invest in paid search engine marketing. Negative keywords, like any other keyword. Adding and tracking a negative keyword list will help you save more money, especially if you are involved in large businesses.