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Explore other dimensions, fight criminals in different dimensions and solve crimes on this exciting platform! Developed by 13AM Games, Double Cross Studio is an exciting adventure game in which players take on the role of Zahra, whose mission is to maintain peace and order in all its aspects. Xbox One X Enhanced is an RPG-focused side-scrolling research game that combines all the best features of the Metroidvania genre into a unique, content-rich game. Welcome to Xbox next week, where we’ll discuss all the new games that will soon appear on Xbox One! Every week, the Xbox team is committed to providing high quality gaming content that you can use on your favorite gaming console. A special role-playing game for all spectators in which you recruit citizens from space into battle, travel through space in search of lost parts of the earth and, when you become an ambassador on earth to unite the planet, meet charismatic characters. Xbox One X Enhanced – A new solo story with a character from the movie “The Jurassic World of Clare Dearing”, which was performed by Bryce Dallas Howard himself. The Xbox One X Enhanced is a fantastic surrealistic steampunk adventure that took place in London in 1899 at the end of the Victorian era. Work with Durnan, the owner of the famous yawning portal, to discover the truth about the mysterious visions and powers that call the inhabitants of the forgotten kingdoms to the Mountain Rooms. It’s a true CTR experience and more, now completely redesigned and seasoned with all the original game modes, characters, tracks, bonuses, weapons and controls. Rich with seven new and useful missions, two new locations, three new dinosaurs and new game features. A fantastic role-playing game with beautiful 2D battles, in which you become a master on the battlefield, using the characteristics of the three tribes of the fairies, the Ruta and these. Xbox One X Enhanced – Accelerate with Crash Team Racing’s Nitro Fuel. The game offers a range of achievements and elements, from weapons refinement to harvesting. Now you have to find your way through the demonic castle caused by Goebel, your old friend, whose body and mind have become crystal clear than the flesh. Another vision highlights the relationship between the two main characters: the fearless teenager Keith and the mysterious red cat Hodge.