Infinite Inspiration – – Like a skater who rides in a cup

Like a skater who rides in a cup or skate park, a player must be able to move smoothly through the levels. I think about weapons that change automatically if we get too close to our enemies, but the player must be able to cancel the choice of weapons. Martial arts artist has great control over his weapons, everything is smooth, fast and accurate. The problem I’m dealing with is that changing the player’s control affects the existing levels. Watching the martial arts masters – pleasure, movements are smooth, almost effortless, the weapon is super accurate. The control of the weapon and the sight must be smooth and accurate. Even if the team is not as accurate as it should be in the game, the player must be experienced. The player must have a sense of great control over the character. The player must be able to move easily and freely in the world. He should always give the player a very good control over the character. A small change in jump height, speed or friction can have a big impact on the levels. It is important that the player always feels able during the game, without getting bored or overloaded. I love this idea and I came across it by chance, analyzing exactly what I liked about this comic book, the underlying mechanisms that drive history in the strangest places of the world and in the criminal world. I think about minutes of silence in the game to tell the story.