Search Engine Watch – If your account has no specific

If your account has no specific branding or compliance requirements, you must measure the performance of automatic expansion compared to existing extensions before you log out. Click on the Bing Ads interface on the Advertising Extensions tab and select the drop-down menu to automatically select an expansion report. To quantify the impact of enhancements on your Google Account, analyze the effectiveness of your ads by determining what part of the ad block your users are facing. Both Google and Bing warn you of the potential negative impact of removing automatic extensions on performance. To manage dynamic improvements in the Google Ad interface, go to the Announcements and Extensions tab and then to the Advanced menu on the right side of the screen. The exact logic of Google and Bing Ads, used to determine when automatic extensions appear, is as secret as the content of the extensions themselves. By default, Google and Bing campaigns can automatically display dynamic extensions ranging from link pages, signatures, structured fragments, call extensions, and application extensions. And since the logic of automatic extensions and the content of these extensions is a mystery, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get a good idea of what exactly drives these solutions. Look at your schedule to regularly check the configuration of automatic extensions when performing more detailed account checks. Because automatic expansion changes frequently, performance is likely to decrease and end. Automatic extensions do not run, regardless of performance. Although automatic extensions give promising results, they are far from perfect. Unfortunately, both advertising systems seem determined to make some extensions work, even if their performance does not deserve to be kept close together.