Real-world Skills | – If you’re just starting to learn

If you’re just starting to learn Japanese or are already good at it, FluentU can help you improve your skills with videos such as movie trailers, news, briefings, music videos and more. But when you start enjoying authentic Japanese features, you’ll feel more motivated to further improve your skills and enjoy the content at a deeper level. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the Japanese language practice! With these 16 authentic Japanese features, you’ll be able to learn real Japanese skills in a fun and exciting way. Using authentic learning materials can help you take advantage of new opportunities that you may miss, such as having a real conversation with someone in Japanese or reading in your own language. Asian Crush is a great source of Asian films and contains a lot of Japanese content for advanced Japanese students. Thanks to its many subtitle features, Netflix content is available to beginners and advanced students alike. If you move away from textbook language, authentic sources can make your Japanese language skills more useful in real life. Since this is real Japanese television, there are no support tools like subtitles, so it’s better for advanced students. For example, Japanese students want children to see the new Anpanman kitchen toy, which contains culinary and nutritional vocabulary, and children to try the toy. For example, reading the news will open up a completely different vocabulary than watching Japanese movies. But students often assume that they need to go to Japan to immerse themselves in authentic Japanese sources. Using authentic fonts to learn Japanese can help you move from Japanese to real Japanese. With 16 features in this article, you can immerse yourself in real Japanese content and learn the language naturally. The BBC also has a Japanese news site that offers Japanese and world news, which is a great way for advanced students to stay up to date with the latest developments when they practice Japanese. Since the music is written in Japanese, it is suitable for both high school and advanced students.