Character Grow – Will you finish your journey in silence

Will you finish your journey in silence, the silent way that is your only friend? Will you be selfish in your actions and take whatever you want? Will you connect with other human beings and find a sense of yourself without having to fight on lonely dirt roads? It is up to you to decide as you travel these dangerous paths. You get tons of information and if you look closely, you can collect deeper secrets and reward those who go deeper to find the truths of the world. Roadwarden has a demo of Itch. me. me. available. More information can also be found on the game’s website. Players can follow these paths to complete missions and earn the NPCs’ trust. Only a few people make the journey to spread messages, fight enemies and perform other horrible tasks. Julia has worked for and MashTheseButtons and takes care of everything that is beautiful, scary, tactical, stupid and surreal. Roadwarden also wants players to do a thorough investigation. It may be as simple as sending a message, but in a dangerous way it’s a task for the brave. The streets between cities are full of dangerous animals and people.