Bright Memory – In an effort to embezzle this substance

In an effort to embezzle this substance, the IAS, a huge terrorist organization that controls its own army, used an advanced technology called “quantum medium” to infiltrate IAS research facilities and steal highly sensitive and incredibly dangerous data. It soon turns out that various animals and corpses of those who once lived on the island were resurrected “by the soul of Ju Xuan” and came to Shelia. Hannah Grace, the main character. Thousand-year-old relics, known as “Kanshou and Bakuya”, discovered as a result of ORS research, have a unique layered structure that contains a mysterious substance in the heart. After years of various military exercises and glittering among her colleagues in almost every field, she with her almost superhuman abilities took the place of a member of the ultra-elite “ORS Emergency Control Team”. To make things worse, Shelia is trying to calibrate the coordinates of the quantum carrier, but she falsely activates the device and immediately transports everyone near the floating island, the air continent near the North Pole, which has remained untouched in her dream for over 1000 years. Upon learning of the existence of “Ju Xuan’s soul,” he immediately entered the ORS in an attempt to steal top-secret data. This substance, known as “Jiu Xuan’s Soul,” has the ability to raise the dead. Using his powerful status, he enriched them by buying and selling a huge number of ancient artifacts on the black market. Bright Memory is an amazing fusion of FPS and action genres created by FYQD personal development studio using Unreal Motor. The game features the first adventure of a woman named Shelia in 2020. After her parents died in a tragic and sudden accident at the age of six, she was created by Professor Richard Carter, the founder of OSR. It combines a variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combinatorial attacks. Jack Merluzzi, founder of ISC. Male, 35 years old.