Pentel Fude Touch – free shipping in the US on orders for

free shipping in the US on orders for qualifying items sold or filled by Amazon for $25 – the writing goes so well with this pen! I bought a 5 pack of Tombow Fudenosuke brushes and these at the same time. I’m new to writing, and this pen has improved the overall look of writing, as the thin tip gives thin, sharp lines for upward strokes, and the brush thickens with pressure for downward strokes. Available at a lower price from other suppliers who do not offer free Prime shipping and free shipping on eligible orders. It is so easy and neat to write and has been used in many cards and other transactions as you see in the picture. It has a very comfortable nib because it is not a pen that gets very thick lines at the slightest touch, but it also does not require a lot of pressure for deeper lines. I recommend it for beginners to start with handwriting because this pen makes it very easy to get used to putting weight on the pen. Senior members get FREE shipping and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series and Kindle books.