Integrating STEAM – Create: Teach your students how to

Create: Teach your students how to build a floating boat by experimenting with different materials such as aluminum foil, plasticine, paper, etc. Plan: Let your students explore different types of bridges: truss bridge, suspension bridge, arched bridge, etc. Students should experiment with different materials, designs and shapes to find the best boat model they can build. Map: to find out the size and shape of ships, your students should search on Google for different types of ships, including large ships or ships such as the Titanic. Map: Ask your students to search and determine the characteristics of different types of deck. You will find more such stories in English Code a new innovative elementary school where students learn English through creative practical assignments, research, projects, experiences, and more. Explore: Your students will try to create different designs for the Internet. Explore: Your students will learn how changes in the shape of materials help them swim. Plan: Get your students to think about materials that may replace silk from the Internet. Explore: Your students will explore the concept of stability through building bridges. Research: Let your students find out which material is most suitable for building bridges. Planning: Ask your students to design their boats. Study: Let your students sing “The Wincy Incy Spider” when they build their web interiors.