Groundhog Day – To cheer us up Nintendo has added the

To cheer us up, Nintendo has added the character Resetti to Animal Crossing : New horizons have been added-the first time he appears in the game, at least in 3D-but today is the last day you can get them. By the way, don’t forget to pick up Timmy and Tommy’s articles and reaction to the limited festival, as well as special Valentine’s Day items from Able Sisters and American Football clothes and catalogs. Do you feel like the days keep starting all over again – like you’re living in an endless, repeating cycle? Tell us in the comments below. Do you feel like the days go on and on? Like you’re living in an endless and repeating loop? Yes, so do we. Only this time it’s not because of Groundhog Day – the day a squirrel predicts future time, taken from the Harold Ramis movie of the same name – but because of VOCID. To buy a Resetti for your ACNH home, go to the Nook Resident Services store catalog, search for “Resetti” and pay 2,200 bells and whistles. “Okay, campers, get up and shine! And don’t forget your flip-flops, because it’s cold outside today. “It’s Groundhog Day. Kate has written for Nintendo’s official magazine, GameSpot and Xbox UK, and can now be found online. She moved to Canada a few years ago, but imported tea from England becauseshe’ has good priorities. But it’s a day to celebrate, even though Phil Punxsutawney has six more weeks of winter planned. Every day I read Nintendolife, there’s news about Animal Crossing. Just in case you haven’t exhausted your daily limit with Resettis. Actually, it’s a lamp of sorts. Organized by 44 Bytes. 2021 Nlife Media, Gamer Network partner.