Petit BamBou – It will also help you make sure that your

It will also help you make sure that your students have developed good study habits and stay satisfied before and after the exam. When you’re helping your students prepare for exams, it’s easy to forget that they also need to de-stress and relax. If your students become anxious or stressed as test day approaches, teach them to relax and stay positive until test day. Practice and test-taking is an important part of test preparation, but it can also give your students a chance to have fun. It is especially important that students get a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Directed meditation apps like Headspace or Little BamBou can help reduce stress and prepare students to focus better on their studies. You can encourage students by asking them to choose an activity they enjoy, but it’s also helpful if students reward themselves for the goals they set and achieve. This shorter test is appropriate for students preparing to take the International Certificate or similar English proficiency exam. As the test approaches, encourage students to gradually slow down. Healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice, pasta, whole grain bread, and cereals provide students with the energy they need to sustain their strength throughout the day. Encourage students to make English a part of their free time. The stress of exams can cause students to eat unhealthy foods: fast food, snacks, and caffeine can give a false sense of energy. A variety of fruits and vegetables will provide students with a balanced diet that will improve memory, brain function and mental alertness. Remind your students that short periods of study are better than sitting at a desk for hours at a time. If your students study intensely or for long periods of time, their motivation may decrease.