Nintendo Goes Big – This is the second Black Friday sale in

This is the second Black Friday sale in North America, but not in Europe. A few weeks ago, there were also Lego kits weighing more than 7 pounds. They were inclined to change regions, but did not want to bother buying American Etop-ups, as well as euros. Except for the latest games, they more or less coincide with last year’s Black Friday digital sale – Seven Mermaids is also on sale! Meanwhile, Katana Zero, and a physical copy of the Tokyo Mirage session I took yesterday, I am very satisfied with the trading games right now. I have physical copies of LM3, Links Awakening, NSMB, Fire Emblem and Witcher 3 which were on sale last week – the Turrican collection is coming out soon, I think I’m ready for a while. For the first time in many years I have Ultra SF2 on sale. Now it would be even weirder if there was no European black Friday sale. Fortunately, LOL is not a European soldier, otherwise I would be very disappointed, because I already have all the games on this list that I like. Nintendo UK Shop, Black Friday physical offers. I was thinking about buying a standalone Golden Country, but it makes no sense because I own XC2 and the expansion package is a few dollars more than the sale price. Amazon UK, Xbox and PS released all Black Friday sales, and in the past Nintendo had Black Friday sales in Europe. And if this time it is not, there are still postnatal sales where people can spend all the new Black Friday cards they get.