Quickstart Guide – The fact is that for the effectiveness

The fact is that for the effectiveness of suggestion cards it is important that each card enters only one unknown word. To understand the effectiveness of sentence cards, we must first think about the purpose of studying words. It’s a good idea to write new characters when we teach them for the first time, but we don’t recommend writing kanji during our evaluation of anki. If you extract a sentence with a word that can be written in kanji, but this is not the case, it may be a good idea to manually convert the sentence into kanji during map making. In other words, learning the basics of Japanese grammar will greatly improve your ability to understand and learn real Japanese, and in this sense learning grammar is worth it. With regular passive and active immersion in Japanese and constant creation of phrase cards, your understanding of Japanese should continue to improve. If it’s a text card, make sure you can read all the kanji in the sentence. The Tae Kim suggestion card will help you consolidate grammar and vocabulary at the same time. There is no need to write any part of the sentence on the text and sound cards, and we recommend you not to do that, because it will take too long for your test sessions. On the back of the Kanji cards you will find the original RTK keyword, some other Kanji values, two mnemonics with the highest rating on the Kanji Koohii website, and all the “original element values” listed for this by Kanji in the original RTK book. However, on the audio cards you can see a written sentence form on the back of the card, which has a positive impact on your reading ability. Reading and understanding the word containing the new kanji becomes as easy as remembering how to read it and what it means.