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Of course, we’re talking about it. This spicy boiled meat is a classic of Sichuan cuisine, and when cooked well, it is a crowd pleaser because there is something for everyone in this pot: meat, bean sprouts, duck blood, broth, lettuce or other vegetables and rice noodles. This dish lives up to its name exactly: Tiger Skin Chili is popular in Sichuan cuisine, possessing a sour-sweet, crisp and refreshing flavor in addition to its obvious spicy profile. According to conventional wisdom, although mountainous and highland areas are favorable for growing these spicy berries, they are not ideal for the human body; traditional Chinese medicine requires that everything in the body be balanced and aligned to prevent the accumulation of “cold” and “moisture” in the body. Spicy shrimp: the name speaks for itself! Once cooked, shrimp are cooked in a flavorful pepper-based sauce that will make you reach for another crustacean, even if you’re convinced your tongue is literally on fire. During one of Christopher Columbus’ voyages from the Americas, his crew brought pepper; with the subsequent exploration of the Orient by the Portuguese, pepper made its way to Asia, appearing successively in India, Japan, China, and other countries. There’s something about tender tofu, perfectly roasted pork, and bubbling pimento butter that makes people want “one more bite.” Interestingly, regional chili consumption in China is often related to climate and geography. Even after the debilitating sensation of a spicy dish, the residual effects of endorphins still provide an overall sense of happiness.