Rug Hooking | – Meanwhile I hung up on “Escape” and made

Meanwhile, I hung up on “Escape” and made some little hangers on the wall. I also have on my Facebook page – JLT Studios – some old pocket candle models that I bought online from my old carpet teacher for sale. Hey, guys! My most exciting news is that I will be at CTV Morning Live on Monday in four different two-minute sections to teach and talk about how to choose carpets – it can be interesting! I am taking my team to the studio to shoot while I talk to Alexandra Brown about the carpet hook and teach “her” how to do it. I have also been working on a mini portfolio of my work that I can take with me to exhibitions and galleries. I also went to Provincial Echo Lake Park here in Saskatchewan and did some outdoor knitting. In addition to fibre-related activities, I also visited the local carpet trade. This week I will continue to play Moss and get ready for South Korea. I took some rugs with me and hung the Prairie Sky – Altocumulus wall on them. I also copied the piracy in the weaving business. It works like a clockwork mechanism, Laura! I also have two books on carpet bindings – “Patchmats” and the new Deanna Fitzpatrick book “Patchmats with Deanna Fitzpatrick” as well as the “Primary Fusion” kit on ProChem dyes. I was also asked to publish information about myself and my hooks in a book that could be published in 2019. They are small and fast if I am not distracted by other things Patterns on them 60 Quick Knits for Babies. I had a problem with my website last week and weekend. I’m building a small wall of the Prairie of Heaven’s Altocumulus. I’m looking forward to the weekend where I can get ready for Monday morning show.