English | ABA – These three interrogative words also known

These three interrogative words, also known as interrogative pronouns, are used to create questions in English. With interrogative words beginning with who, the “who” at the beginning of the question game comes before the verb. It was easy, wasn’t it? Now that you have mastered the basics of question words, do you want to improve your English? We invite you to try the ABA English Method. Now that the question phrases are a little clearer, should we continue with the question words? The question words are added to the beginning of the question to indicate the type of information you are looking for. As you probably learned in your personal or online English course, the simplest questions are asked with the verb “to be”. This article is there to dispel any doubts you may have about the questioning of English words and how they are used. Let’s start with the “who” question. Interrogative words are very important in various contexts in each language. Where to start with the words in the questions? It is best to review the ground rules. We are now knowing the word “when” and how to use it correctly. There is no other word that says we want to know when something happened or will happen. With our free video and short film courses in English every day, you can get the most out of your studies while keeping them interesting. Simply reverse the order of the subject and verb and add a question mark at the end. Like who, the word at the beginning of the sentence, followed by the verb. All the reasons why questions are asked for information.