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In the short term, brands need to follow the research volumes “Brand name + Covid and “Category name + Covid” to understand how patients and suppliers search in their specific situation. Pharmaceutical search engine marketing professionals want to know how the Covid 19 pandemic is affecting the search messaging landscape and how to adapt their SEM strategy. Pharmaceutical brands can ensure a quick response in the short term by allowing these functions and ensuring that priority messages are available in all campaigns while removing the lowest priority topics. These include “insurance coverage” and “formula coverage”, where the frequency of mention of the pharmaceutical brands Rx in SEM text ads has increased significantly. According to IQVIA’s market report COVID-19, published on April 10 with data available until March 27, “rising unemployment is pushing more patients into Medicaid and making them financially vulnerable. Linkology UK’s content marketing manager guides you through the complex process of optimising content for search engines other than Google – Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ask. com and others. “Pharmaceutical brands need to take both a short- and long-term approach, as this will be a continuing global concern until a viable vaccine is available. Daily news and opinions on search engine marketing, SEO and paid research”. Based on this analysis, AdComplyRx included the following changes to Rx Pharma’s SEM advertising during the Covid 19 pandemic: “Do not use a modal download window on your brand’s website. com to communicate messages related to Covid-19. The main categories where the words “savings” or “reach” were most commonly used were haematology, diabetes and respiratory diseases.