Pinball Museum – It was an absolute privilege for Pinball

It was an absolute privilege for Pinball HQ to be invited to see the progress of this massive project. It was built from the ground up on private land on picturesque Mount Tamborine ine in southeast Queensland, about an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast. What makes the project even more remarkable is that everything in it-the museum building, the store, the storage shed, every square inch of it-was made and built by Alan Tate with the help of Lee Feldwick, who also restores pinball machines to perfection. “Alan Tate, the man behind the most ambitious pinball project ever undertaken in Australia. We last saw or heard of “him” in this video uploaded by our good friend and pinball expert Norbert Snisser of Pinball HQ several years ago. If anyone knows more about the fate of this pinball museum, please contact us via our contact page.