Washington Literacy Center – According to Jimmy Williams

According to Jimmy Williams, president and CEO of the Washington Literacy Center, the organization relies on writing communication, advocacy and accountability to show progress and gain the support of its programs and members. Williams says Grammarly serves as a useful writing “coach” that not only helps employees be more productive in their daily lives, but also improves their writing skills for continuous improvement over time. Grammarly also provides information on consistent writing style, the use of acronyms and common conventions, allowing employees to stay relevant and attentive when communicating with their stakeholders. Using Grammarly Business’s advanced tools, the center can ensure that the focus is on content rather than composition. Because the center teaches literacy, it must ensure that all of its materials and messages are error-free, grammatically correct, and free of confusing language and jargon to explain its own mission. Most importantly, Williams said, clearer, more concise and consistent communication increased the trust of donors, partners and other stakeholders, so much so that some noted an improvement in the quality of reporting. The results were immediate: fewer errors, clear and convincing communication, and employees’ ability to focus on their work with confidence. Grammarly provides WLC employees with hundreds of real-time suggestions for dozens of documents and messages each day. Williams adds that this type of effective writing is especially important for a literacy organization. A writing assistant with artificial intelligence not only improves the quality of writing, but also helps WLC manage a large volume of communication. With better and more consistent materials, WLC can better demonstrate the impact of its work and speak with one voice to build trust with donors, partners, and supporters. If communications with these groups are not clear and effective, they will be less able to garner support for their missions and the important work they do. Secretaries, in particular, produce detailed reports that become legal documents that others can access. Therefore, they must communicate their message clearly and concisely. “It’s critical for our institution that our employees communicate effectively and efficiently,” Williams says.