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Offer large-scale personalized education with easy access to the 365 Office’s free teaching and learning tools that give students at all levels the independence and opportunity to learn without stigmatization. Through accessible and easy-to-use technology that reduces classroom time, teachers can focus on providing individualized learning experiences that enhance learning achievement. Each month, you will receive an email notification of upcoming events, short tips and easy-to-use features on new learning tools and technologies from Microsoft. Customised learning using affordable technologies that save teachers time and put learners at the centre of their own learning. Choose from a wide range of rugged, easy-to-configure Windows 10 laptops designed for intensive classroom use and designed for 24/7 cloud-based software that manages and protects your devices, users and applications. The world is changing faster than ever, as are the skills students need to follow their diplomas. Protect your students on campus and online with Microsoft’s smart, comprehensive security solutions. Stay up to date with teacher ideas, product news, and classroom inspiration. Plus, a course or tool is offered every month so you can get started quickly. We’ll give you the tools you need. We give students around the world the opportunity to do more. You can do it.