Exciting Than – Dàn zhōng guó sì hū jīng zhǔn bèi hǎo zài

Dàn zhōng guó sì hū jīng zhǔn bèi hǎo zài mǒu gè zhàn lüè bù mén de yí xì liè xīn xīng jì shù xiān jì shàng dà shǒu bǐ tóu zī, tóng shí zài yán fā hé shāng yè huà wán chéng hòu bǎo liú yí dìng gǔ quán. Zhè shì tā men yǒu shēng yǐ lái dì yī cì kàn dào zì jǐ de hái zi zài ān quán de huán jìng zhōng chéng zhǎng. If you ask a Chinese child, they will often tell you that Children’s Day is a time to go to a free movie theater, eat whatever they want, and play outside. Despite the commercialization of the holiday, many businesses want to celebrate with children in mind and let them enjoy their childhood. If you have children or are still a child at heart, you can join the Children’s Day celebration to remember simpler times and experience a sense of overwhelming joy before returning to your adult duties the next morning. Zhè hái zi zài huān lè zhōng chéng zhǎng. In the spirit of nostalgia and memories of carefree days, we also see twenty-somethings having a snack or spending the evening with friends, singing karaoke, and celebrating the day dedicated to their youth. Students attend school for only half a day, which they usually spend doing fun activities, and their parents often take the day off to spend time with them. But China seems poised to greatly increase its investment in a variety of new and advanced technologies in strategic sectors and to maintain its commitment as these technologies are developed and commercialized. For the first time in their lives, they can watch their children grow up in a safe environment. Companies offer promotions or discounts during the holidays, such as free movies or tickets to certain theme parks. Thank you for signing up for a free live lesson at eChineseLearning. Our academic coordinator will contact you within one business day to arrange a free class. In China, Children’s Day is celebrated for elementary and middle school students under the age of 14. It’s a good time to have fun and be a kid again without having to think about all the responsibilities of adulthood.