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Don’t Spanish teachers tell people to listen to music to learn the language? Yes, most do, but not all do. I tell you this because many students say they listen to music to learn Spanish, but really they only say this to avoid the hassle of having to sit through Spanish lessons. Yes, you can learn new words by listening to song lyrics, but music won’t help you speak Spanish fluently, let alone understand native speakers. In my free book, “10 Secrets No One Tells You to Speak Spanish Like a Native American,” you’ll find powerful strategies for understanding native speakers and speaking Spanish with ease. In this article, you’ll see some good reasons why music should be a way to have fun with Spanish. What is very interesting is that in the case of Spanish speakers, we are also told that you must listen to music in order to learn English Come to think of it, if music is difficult for native speakers to understand, it is better not to use it as a learning material. In fact, music is not appropriate material for learning a language, it’s just art. Singers can even change the way the words are pronounced just to make the song sound good. Songs for learning Spanish can be an excuse for many lazy students. Listen as much as you want, but do it to enjoy the music, taste the Latin culture, relax or party. 10 secrets no one will tell you to speak Spanish like your native tongue. To learn Spanish, it’s best to listen to information that is easy to understand or, in the words of Professor Stephen Krashen, understandable. He told me that “he” doesn’t really like classes and that “he” prefers to learn in a more fun way: listening to music. With this article, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to music in Spanish. Have you ever wondered if a song in your native language says something completely different than what you saw when you read the lyrics? This has happened to me and many of my Spanish-speaking friends many times.