Roman Empire – The fall of the Roman Empire was written by

The fall of the Roman Empire was written by an English historian who had the idea of writing it when “he”, as a young man, went on a Grand Tour in 1762 and visited Rome. The Roman Empire, which stretched across North Africa, Europe, the Middle East and part of modern Asia, was a huge human enterprise. Note 1a: Chapter Sixteen, which I consider a very inventive and fragile form of retribution, but very embarrassing for the atrocities of the Roman judges against Christians. The original fourteen parts describe the rapid decline of emperors, corruption, invaders and murderers, bloody battles, looting and prey, barbaric hordes, tumultuous events such as the Crusades, Genghis Khan’s invasions and much more. For almost 1500 years, this monumental historical work has been going on the path of one of the greatest empires of all time. The behavior of the Roman government towards Christians from Nero to Constantine.