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94dffaa0193a6271f3067dab8fbcde25 What is an adverb? It’s one of the eight parts of the speech! I will help you learn or teach you more with examples and sentence patterns. cff6e3db4b84cc81247a5d2010cd6924 Learn the grammar of the questions! You’ll learn how to use phrase diagrams to recognise the grammar of the questions. This English grammar blog keeps you up to date on the latest articles, lessons, exercises, sentence diagrams and more from Grammar Revolution 6e4db3754641239d1112740defe026ffWhat is a preposition sentence? Have fun with these grammar exercises! You’ll learn how to identify and graph prepositional phrases. 5cfdbd0450f864dbc22c821c7face22Learn the parts of speech in English is a must if you want to learn grammar. f54618a314d0550ca5d8ee5e911b3a It’s time to learn the auxiliary verbs and the verbs! I know you’re excited, and you should be. 6d0bee76b7990f212476815b7cfdd135 What is a verb? Find out in this great verb guide! Find out the types of verbs and how they work. 89ee77f3db176bacfa2d69f4b3200a24 With these sentence diagram exercises you will learn interjections and direct address names. 3a59f5748118b34a68b307ed8747ee9Categorizing sentences according to their purpose gives us four types of sentences: statements, questions, exclamations, and commands. bb4534cfc8c22eeef9379551ad372756With these lessons and exercises you will learn the rules of punctuation you need to know. Look at the examples and learn how to outline sentences written in passive. e93c72fbf84a7f82ae7c216be46f1020 What is a particle verb? I will teach you what they are and how to put them into sentences. 5efb5da254b00b7adc08ec544b51feae You can learn the grammar! I’ll tell you why you haven’t learned it yet and what you need to do. 0eca1908eaeb1c431db60e354a9b1874 Knowing the different parts of the language will help you live better! Find out how to understand BALANCE as a noun and a verb. It’s easy to remember, isn’t it? Use these fun exercises to learn more and have fun.