Review | AUSRETROGAMER – We were looking for ways to play

We were looking for ways to play our Nintendo Switch with wireless headphones, and frankly, so far there have not been so many! We intervened creatively to fill in the gap with your BT-W3 Bluetooth 5.0 sound transmitter. Creative BT-W3 shines with support for four different Bluetooth codecs: aptX LL, aptX HD, aptX and SBC. BT-W3 comes with a USB C adapter, a USB C to USB A converter and an analog microphone that works on PC, Mac, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We have tested BT-W3 on the Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 laptop and are happy to announce that it works flawlessly. Each of these codecs has its own strengths and is suitable for a variety of applications such as the aptX LL codec which is essential for instant gaming experience, while aptX HD is perfect for music enjoyment. The versatility of use was what struck us in the beginning, from the ability to use it on our switch to the ability to use it on a Windows laptop, everything was very easy to pair and use with our wireless headphones. This firmware update is necessary because the Nintendo switch does not allow audio input and output from different devices. In order to use the analog microphone on our switch for a series of online gaming calls, we had to download the HFP-off firmware to activate this feature. We had no delays or Bluetooth connection interruptions, which is absolutely necessary when zooming in and out of WebEx meetings! We are still in the early stages of using BT-W3, but so far we have been impressed. Disclosure: BT-W3 was kindly provided by Creative for this report. The second BT-W3 Creative was purchased by us. But don’t worry, it is also very easy to recover HFP by downloading and running the HFP firmware. The codec can be selected by pressing a button on the USB-C adapter. Each codec has a unique indicator light so you always know which codec you are using.