International Friendship Day – As a follow-up to this work

Tell the students that they have two minutes to study and remember the image, but they cannot show it to others. Give the students about ten minutes to write as many things as possible on their pictures of Venn and then invite them to tell the class about what they have learned from each other. In this exercise, students work in pairs to draw a Venn diagram showing what they have in common in the centre. This is another exciting activity that helps students develop their communication and teamwork skills. Students in our classes are not always friends, but it is important that they can work together in a friendly and open atmosphere. Moving around the classroom while students work to make sure they have the right number of body parts and that everyone is involved in the group. Ask them to stand up with their laptops and move around the room. In their team, students should work together to create letters of the word with their body. Pair students with people they don’t normally work with. Ask students to stand up and stand in groups of 7 elbows. When the disciples are ready, gather all the sheets of paper and mix them together.